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SecurityCEU.com :: # Full Course List :: Cameras - Theory of Operation/Pitfalls/Separation by Technology

Cameras - Theory of Operation/Pitfalls/Separation by Technology #WBNR_111516
Cameras - Theory of Operation/Pitfalls/Separation by Technology 

The Master's Notebook and Guide to Video Security Systems
A webinar series dedicated to bringing uniformity and profitability to VSS

Event #9: Cameras - Theory of Operation / Pitfalls / Separation by Technology

November 15, 2016 / 1pm-2pm EST

There is a lot more to choosing the proper camera for the application than there used to be. Manufacturers have gone out of their way in a private competition to provide cameras that have so many features and programmable standards that the installation actually requires a "setup" person or "programmer" at the end of the project. This session is designed to look at modern technology and define what is important and what is fluff. It will also provide an insight to many of the actual trade off cost factors involved with inexpensive cameras or compromising with lessor technology.

The old times are past … way past. We used to have three basic styles of cameras to choose from in three standard categories. Now we have eight (and counting) basic styles of cameras with 15 to 100 potential features to choose from, six (and counting) categories and six or seven formats of transmission and communication. None of the above even touches on the various methods of providing power, working around lensing issues, and housing or mount issues for the cameras within a system. The water has been muddied to the point that it seems to take an engineer just to track the day-to-day changes in the manufacturing industry.

The irony is that we are still trying to accomplish the same objective as we were 40 years ago by providing either a moving image or multiple images of a particular event of interest or need. One old, and still current, problem is that there are so many choices, so many compatibility issues, and so many new and improved technology upgrades every few months that most integrators and/or security companies end up focusing on a single line or manufacturer of product for all of their needs. This benefits no one in particular and only emphasizes that, just like modern "Smart" phones, the majority of the users only wanted a good camera with the convenience of communication added. This session will help sort out the mess, define the various features and arrange the categories according to best applied for the required solution.

This is a live webinar event. You will receive confirmation and login information for the webinar within one business day of your order. Space is limited and seats are available on a first come, first served basis.

Price: $49.00


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