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SecurityCEU.com :: # Full Course List :: Creating a solid Scope of Work (SOW)

Creating a solid Scope of Work (SOW) #WBNR_102516
Creating a solid Scope of Work (SOW) 

The Master's Notebook and Guide to Video Security Systems
A webinar series dedicated to bringing uniformity and profitability to VSS

Event #6: Creating a Solid Scope of Work (SOW)

October 25, 2016 / 1pm-2pm EST

In this webinar, we will be taking a look at a couple different examples of Scopes of Work from jobs, current and past. It will be the objective to demonstrate that missing or poorly defined information or instruction within the SOW can and will lead to misunderstandings between the client, consultant, outside contractors and integrators. Additionally, the attendee will be shown the dangers of not correcting, updating or upgrading a poorly written SOW prior to beginning or accepting work. In this case, a poorly prepared SOW will cost everyone involved with the project.

The Scope of Work (SOW) is the second most important document created for any project, in any industry and yet the majority of such documents are often spotty, short and sweet, and not to the point. Poorly written / detailed SOWs ultimately cost the client potentially tens of thousands of dollars in change orders. A poorly written SOW allows a contractor to skirt costs during the bid process with the intention of regaining their overhead after the award process via change orders. A poorly written SOW leaves both the end user and the contractor liable in many different ways and is the first step to hard feelings between both ends and everyone in between.

As is true with the RFP, there are no set standards or templates for the SOW. Equally, there is no PFM involved in creating a good SOW. Awarding a contract with a weak SOW is an open door to everything from errors and omissions to inappropriate work ethics. Accepting a weak SOW is an open door to slow or diminished pay structures, failed schedules and literal arguments over who is responsible. It is a lose-lose situation unless you know the steps and process to produce a winning SOW, or the steps and processes required to improve a losing SOW.

This is a live webinar event. You will receive confirmation and login information for the webinar within one business day of your order. Space is limited and seats are available on a first come, first served basis.

Price: $49.00


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