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The Master's Notebook and Guide to Video Security Systems

A training series dedicated to bringing
uniformity and profitability to VSS


SecurityCEU.com welcomes guest trainer and long-time industry expert, Charlie Pierce, to present a Webinar series designed for security professionals including architects, engineers, project managers, technicians, installers, designers and end-users. This series of twelve (12) events covers everything from “Speaking Bean” to "How to Calculate Storage Requirements" to "Understanding Video Analytics".

Join us each Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 PM EST starting September 20th for a one-hour event.

Charlie Pierce has over 43 years’ experience in the industry and s widely known as THE industry expert for Video Security Systems. Join us for one or all of these Webinar events to start or strengthen your knowledge in Video Security Systems.


Only $49 per webinar registration.

Order registrations for 4 webinars and save $50. Use the discount coupon WEBINAR4 when checking out.

Order the entire 12 webinar series and save $88. Use the discount coupon WEBINAR12 when checking out.

Mr. Pierce is in his 43rd year of active experience in the security industry and has been considered one of the CCTV industry’s leading authorities on the design and application of CCTV and Integrated Security Solutions since 1986. 

Speaking Bean

September 20
1pm - 2pm EST

Discussion for increasing the percentages of successful sales, bid responses, and security budget requests. Continuing through the most common causes of failure and the processes required for success.
The Steps of a Proper Risk Analysis Survey

September 27
1pm - 2pm EST

Risk Analysis is the precursor to every successful security solution. Whether electronic, manpower, physical, large or small, without the process of defining the threats, no security solution may be provided with any hope of effective protection.
The Steps of a Proper Site Survey

October 4
1pm - 2pm EST

A site survey is a literal, physical survey of a site in advance of finalization of a security solution design, placement of equipment and/or activation of a security or safety recommendation.
Staying Profitable – Avoiding Job / Project Creep

October 11
1pm - 2pm EST

Project Creep is a financial pain in every industry. Be it a small project or a major project, creep causes delays, profit loss, extra costs, mistakes and more times than not, operational errors.
Creating a Solid Request for Proposal (RFP)

October 18
1pm - 2pm EST

There is one, extremely important, document for every job that is put out for bid. Although identified under two or three different names, it is most commonly referred to as the Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP represents the “rules” of the game or project. Writing or creating a good, solid RFP does not require a degree. It does require the writer to pay attention to detail.
Creating a Solid Scope of Work (SOW)

October 25
1pm - 2pm EST

The second most important document for every project, regardless of industry, is the Scope of Work (SOW). If the RFP is the rules of the project, the SOW is the detail. Every requirement of the project is spelled out in the SOW. A poorly defined SOW will insure that the average project (large or small) will have multiple change orders, increased project creep and ultimately overrun budgets.
The Math of CCTV

November 1
1pm - 2pm EST

The Math of CCTV encompasses everything about system design, installation, service and more. This webinar will discuss the most common math calculations utilized to determine proper lensing, power requirements, cabling structures, storage requirements and how to calculate the requirements and costs of a proper service contract.
Calculating Storage in Advance of Purchase

November 8
1pm - 2pm EST

This session will introduce the data, details and math required to calculate storage requirements for an IP or Hybrid visual system, as based upon need, wants and costs. Additionally, several methods of cutting back on storage requirements will be discussed and demonstrated.
Cameras - Theory of Operation / Pitfalls / Separation by Technology

November 15
1pm - 2pm EST

Cameras come in every size, color, type and style available to the imagination. Understanding the theory of operation, the pitfalls of different styles, and the division between technologies can be the difference between saving a lot of money and ending up with images that do not produce the effect that application requires.
Reviewing / Understanding Manufacturing Specification Sheets

November 22
1pm - 2pm EST

In this session we will explore interpreting modern, IP-based, equipment specification forms for the purpose of defining, verifying and using various technical and non-technical data to properly apply technology to the applications needs.
When “Compatible Systems” Refuse to Integrate / Interphase

November 29
1pm - 2pm EST

This subject is all about responding to system, technology, transmission and other forms of structure compatibility issues both prior to installation as well as after the fact.
Understanding Video Analytics

December 6
1pm - 2pm EST

This session is designed to review everything analytic for video. The general and sometimes specific requirements for such programs, where and how they can be best used in video system to assist in providing automated response factors, and when and why some analytics just won’t fit into your system or budget.





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